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5 Common Misconceptions About European Dental Tourism

The boom in dental tourism in Europe shows no sign of slowing down. Tens of thousands of people travel to Central and Eastern Europe each year to get dental word done at a third of the cost of their home countries. Many people still hesitate to get on the plane, often due to fear of the unknown or misconceptions which their home-country dentists are happy to perpetuate!

This article looks at 5 common misconceptions about dental travel, explaining why none of them should stop you from saving big money by getting your dental work done abroad.

Misconception 1 – Disaster Stories

The press love a horror story, and the hapless Western traveler as a victim of scammers or bad practitioners is a front-page favorite. While big headlines spread fear and uncertainly, you will never hear of the thousands of happy customers who receive a fantastic level of care each month – this is not news! My advice is to look beyond the headlines and examine testimonials from the ordinary people who have successfully saved money this way.

Misconception 2 – Will You Be Able To Communicate?

Worrying about whether you will be able to understand your dentist, or more importantly whether he will be able to understand you, are commonplace. Prospective patients should know that this is an area they do not need to be concerned about at all. Since the dental travel industry is mature, the clinics catering for this market have fluent speakers in all the major languages including English, French and German.

Misconception 3 РAre The Dentists Properly Trained? What to do at sentosa singapore 

The hubs of dental treatment for travelers are in Central Europe, in places such as the Czech Republic and Hungary. There are two key facts to point out here. Firstly these countries have a very strong education tradition going back 100’s of years, with intelligent and well educated populations. Second, the dentistry certification is of the highest standards. This is backed up by the UK General Dental Council, who allow dentists from these countries to practice in the UK after only an aptitude test and proof of experience.

Misconception 4 – Fear Of Strange Cities

The unknown is a powerful factor preventing people from making huge savings on work such as implants or crowns. Safety and comfort in new cities should be high on the priority list of any prospective patients. Fortunately the hub cities such as Budapest and Prague cater for hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Not only are these cities safe, they have easy transport options and a great choice of hotels, restaurants and attractions too

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