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A Basic Guide to Canada Immigration

The Canadian government has one of the most renowned immigration systems that admit a massive 300,000 new immigrants every year. It’s because of the immigrants; Canada has developed itself like the way the country it is now. There are numerous pathways to immigrate to Canada; you can get in touch with Canada immigration consultants in India to know more about the same.

The IRCC currently focus on the target to make the immigration process easier, with its new and improved immigration policies. Canada has currently four major immigration category. They are:

Family class (related to Canadian residents living in Canada)
Economic immigrants (business and skilled workers)
Humanitarian and Others
There are 2 major and most favored immigration pathways that the individuals can opt to immigrate to Canada. The Express Entry system and the Provincial Nominee Program (PNPs) are the streams which have the fastest processing times and are point based system.

There are 3 major sub categories of the Express Entry system. canada pr process

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP): skilled workers with admissible age, education qualification, language skills and work experience.
Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP): semi-skilled or unskilled workers with basic education, language skills and experience.
Canadian Experience Class (CEC): individuals having previous experience in Canada.
Whereas, there are 6 major Provincial Nominee Program that face shortage in its labor market, and welcomes new immigrants from all over the world and provide them with permanent residency in exchange for their services. Each of the provinces has their own prerequisites and process, therefore it is always advisable to seek help from immigration consultants in Delhi to successfully immigrate to a province.

Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program
Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program
Ontario Immigration Nominee Program
Alberta Immigration Nominee Program
Nova Scotia Nominee Program
British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program
What is the basic eligibility criterion for immigrating to Canada?

Age: Not more than 47 years. Maximum 12 points awarded in the CRS score.
Education. Depends on applicant’s qualification. Maximum 25 points awarded in the CRS score.
Work experience. Applicant needs to have minimum of 1 year of experience in the NOC job list. Maximum 21 points awarded in the CRS score.
Language proficiency. Applicants need to take a mandatory English or French language proficiency examination to qualify for a Canadian Visa. The marks are assessed based on Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading. Maximum 24 points are awarded in CRS score.
Other major criteria that determine the score are adaptability, spouse and work arrangement.
The process to immigrate to Canada can sometimes seem like a daunting task, especially for first timers, therefore it is always advisable to seek help from Canada immigration consultants in Delhi to easily get your Canada PR visa, on their first attempt. Each of the immigrating stream and category has their very own eligibility criterion and prerequisites, therefore having an immigration expert by your side through the process might not seem like a bad choice after all. Look out for a consultancy that is IRCC registered and that can carry your process of Canada immigration effectively and efficiently.

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