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History of Tourism in Berlin

From exploring and touring different areas and parks to attending and enjoying the festivals and special events, this huge number of tourists visiting Berlin is not much of a surprise.

Published by Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Reports, Germany is considered as one of the securest touring locations globally. The country also holds the fifth rank as the most visited nation within Europe, with a sum of 369.6 million overnights recorded last 2010. This amount involves 56.5 million overnights made by tourists, majority of which came from the US, Switzerland and Netherlands. Other countries that visited Germany, particularly Berlin, came from Italy, Austria, Belgium and France. With quite a great amount of visitors going in and out the country, this arouses one’s curiosity as to when the history of tourism began. It further arouses curiosity and may even surprise people due to the fact that Germany was once known as a country with political turmoil and was one of the most feared powerful countries during World War I in addition to the fact that their country gave birth to one of the most known dictators in the world: Adolf Hitler. What to do at sentosa singapore¬†

The history of tourism in Germany dates way back to the landscapes and cities being visited and toured for educational and recreational activities. During the late 18th century onward, cities like Munich, Dresden and Berlin were the states and locations that served as the major stops on European Grand tours. During the 19th to the early 20th century and during the end of WWII, tourism drastically developed with spas and resorts being built on the North and Baltic seas and within the Rhino valley. Tourists began to come to the country in the aims of experiencing the unique sense and hospitality of Germany as well as the rich European history it contains and practices. The countryside has a bucolic aura while the neighboring communities and states exhibit both a contemporary feel and a classical approach.

At present, Berlin is the leading state of Germany in terms of the most tourists acquired for overnight stays and travels. Berlin has more than 700 hotels and up to 112,000 beds that accommodate both locals and tourists as reported during the year 2010. The city is recorded to receive traffic of 20.8 million tourists overnight hotel stays. On an annual basis, Berlin has around 136 million day visitors, which has propelled them into the third place as the most visited city locations within the entire European Union

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