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Kerala – A Popular Tourism Destination in India

Kerala is beautiful destination situated in South of India. Kerala encompasses the Western Ghats with dense tropical forests, beautiful beaches, backwaters and hill stations. Kerala has interesting wildlife and bird life. Wildlife tourism is very popular in many National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Kerala is culturally rich society and has the highest literacy rate in India. It is place of origin of many dance forms in India. The famous classical dances that have originated from Kerala are Mohiniattam, Kathakali. The native performing art most popular in the state is Koodiyattom. The ancient Carnatic music dominates Kerala though film music is as popular.

Kerala is popular for its beach resorts and spas. The spas are popular for Ayurvedic massage that are based on the principles of ancient system of medicine called Ayurveda. The massage is done by experts who use combination of oils like sesame, mustard and coconut. Often a mixture of various oils are used during the massage. The massage is based on the regulatory principles Doshas РVata, Pitta and Kapha. Yoga and meditation are also conducted at most of the spas in the state. What to do at sentosa singapore 

Periyar wildlife sanctuary is south India’s most popular wildlife sanctuary; its area includes 777 sq km with an old 26 sq km artificial lake created by British in 1895. Wide variety of animal and birds are found in the reserve.

Kerala is very famous for sea foods which are prepared in various styles typical to Malyali cuisine. Kerala is a gastronomic paradise and one can enjoy World’s best food here. Famous dishes are vellayappam, uppuma, iddli, puttu, masala dosa and appams.

Unique aspect of tourism in Kerala is the backwater cruise. In the backwater boat rides, the houseboats offer modern facility and exciting Malayali food.

House boats attract tourists to serene backwaters. Earlier the boats were used as houses for royalty. Popularly known as floating cottages the architecture of the boats is as follows:

Sleeping area, baths with western-style toilets, dining area and sit out on the deck. Large house boats offer night accommodation as part of the package tour at backwater.

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