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Responsible Tourism – The Right Way to Travel

All of us love to travel and when we get a good holiday package, we think we have gotten the best deal. Also, our preconceived notions about traveling may be outdated. These days, we have to think of so many things other than the place we are traveling to.

Take the holiday package for example. When the best deal is offered, we might actually have a sub-standard package on our hands. To make our holiday cheaper, the travel agent may have compromised on a lot of details. Some may affect us directly and some may affect the people whose livelihood depends on tourism. Sometimes, we might get poor service because the person serving us might be underpaid.

Also, travel agents might increase the group size to make it profitable for themselves, but this can inconveniences us. Guides might be overworked to show the attractions in as short a time as possible. The tourists might not get enough time to absorb the holiday they fantasized about whole of the year. Talk to your guides. Enquire if your holiday money is paying them well.

Be the responsible tourist and try to avoid these things. Do not compromise quality. Double check to see if the tours offered are genuine and the money you pay goes for a good cause. What to do at sentosa singapore 

Make it your duty to see that the people dependent on tourism in the country you are visiting are paid well. Inquire to see if women are given equal opportunities. Check whether tourism is benefiting them and not affecting them negatively.

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