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The Growth of Tourism in the Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are a group of islands which are situated in the Atlantic Ocean. In recent years they have worked hard to develop their tourist industry and are at long last starting to reap the rewards for all of their hard work.

The nearest landmass is Argentina’s coastline. There are two islands – East Falkland and the West Falkland, consisting in all of nearly 700 plus small islands within them.

They all belong to the United Kingdom, and are self controlled. It is a remote place that is in the middle of nowhere and has sheep farming as the chief occupation, apart from tourism, bringing in maximum revenue.

Many tourists visit Hill Cove when they go on vacation to the Falkland Islands. It is the only forest on the Islands and the area is very popular with holiday makers. The spruce trees found here are home to several small and large sized bird species.

Birds that can be seen are the Falkland Thrushes and of course the black chinned Siskins, which can be spotted if you are lucky. Right behind the Hill cove forest is the cemetery, behind which you can see the Hill cove miniature horses belonging to the farm lands.

There is also the Falkland Islands Museum which is another popular tourist spot. The museum is filled with art and other pieces that reflect the everyday life in the Islands.

There are also several displays dedicated to the ruins and ship wrecks that happened centuries ago. There is even a replica of a Reclus Hut, which is supposed to be an Antarctica dwelling model, from the 1950’s.

The Argentine and San Carlos cemetery is a war related cemetery. Visitors come here and reflect on the tragic loss of life to both sides during the Falklands conflict with Argentina.

When driving down from Stanley you can see this cemetery which is home to so many who gave up their lives during the Falkland conflict.

Simple white graves, filled with crosses, and some with no description or name on them, act as a sad reminder to the consequences of war. Just along from the main cemetery, you will find the graves of three soldiers who were killed during the Falkland war, on the exact spot. What to do at sentosa singapore 

Mt Maria is a short trek uphill and once at the top you will get a fantastic view of the Island. As you look around from the top of Mount Maria you can see across the fields below out across to the remote islands. The more energetic tourists climb up to the top of Mt Adam, which is the highest peak in Falkland Islands, with a view of the sea from the west to the south.

No trip to the Falkland Islands is complete without taking a boat ride to see the Sea Lion Islands. They are a set of islands filled with wildlife, especially different kinds of penguins and elephant seals. You can see all the elephant seals crowded on the shore, and on the other side there are sea lions playing in the sea. Many tourists go whale spotting and if you are lucky you will see a Killer whale.

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